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This Is How I Can Help You Create Your Online Courses

Design Your Course Like A Pro!


If you have never created an online course the process can seem overwhelming.
In this 3 month course, I'll teach you how to take your idea and turn it into an engaging online learning experiences.


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 "Done With You" Course Design

You know what you want to teach, but you're not sure how to design the course.
I will work with you to create an actionable blueprint that you can use to create your online training program that your students will rave about.
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Hi I'm Steve Gillis

Teacher, Instructional Designer and Mentor


For the past twenty years, I've been helping teachers and entrepreneurs convert their face-to-face training into engaging online learning experiences.
Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or you need someone to create your course for you, I'm your guy. Tap into my expertise in curriculum and instructional design to create engaging online learning experiences that your students will rave about.
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What People Say About Working With Me ...

"I'd reached out to Steve because I wanted to create an online course, but was feeling overwhelmed not knowing how to structure the course.  Steve's advice and knowledge has helped me to create a plan that I can take action on. Save hours, days, weeks or even months of time wasted trying to figure it out yourself and hire Steve to streamline the process for you".
Shane Haron
Shane Haron Anxiety Specialist
"I am just starting out on my journey of creating online courses and have been feeling so overwhelmed by the technical side of it all.  Now you have introduced me to the wonder of Office Mix, I can suddenly see my way forward! The features you have outlined are exactly what I need and, thanks to you, I now know how to use them. This has given me the boost I needed to get going with creating my courses with confidence". 
Amy Sinclair
Student, Office Mix Essentials for Course Designers
"I've learned so much from Steve's online course these past few weeks.  
He is the real deal, a true Zen Master at teaching both the theoretical & practical aspects of online education in a holistic manner".  
Karim J. Delgado
CEO, Head of Product R&D
Brain Mechanics

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